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Training Camp PRO





The tournament will be held for the 28th time in the area of ​​Malgrat de Mar, near the coastline.
The tournament is large and in the last two years 145 groups from 14 different countries participated
Such as Germany, Spain, England, Mexico, Argentina, Scotland, Italy and more.
The tournament in Spain feels like the International Youth World Cup and it takes place during the Passover holiday 2019.

The players and the professional team will take part in the opening ceremony of the tournament and walk to the stadium with
The rest of the teams from all over the world are flying the flag of the club and the state and of course they will also participate
At the graduation ceremony on the day that all the finals will be held at the central stadium.

The tournament will be played in more than 7 different stadiums and stadiums throughout the tournament, each team
Play a minimum of 3 games and you can share 2 age exceptions.
The group will have a bus on the day of arrival and on the return day it takes and will return it from the airport,
Will take her on a tour of the Camp Nou stadium with a Hebrew-speaking instructor and eventually leave her some free time to enjoy the center of Barcelona.

During the tournament, the team will enjoy a shuttle service for all games and the opening and closing ceremonies.
The team of coaches will visit Espanyol training grounds and participate in the club’s course.
During your stay in Spain the group can enjoy free time from a large number of activities in the Costa area
And Barcelona city like a bike trip, watching the football match of Barcelona / Espanyol, Park
Water, carting, bowling and more

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Will there be an Israeli lender in the tournament? Yes, our representative will rotate between the lots during the tournament and will answer all groups.
• Do you have kosher food? No, but there is a wide range of food like fish, chicken, rice, potatoes, pasta and vegetables.
• Are there transfers? Yes, for all activities included in the price and airport.
• How many actors sleep in a room? The rooms are for 3 players
• Is there a security guard? No, in view of past experience there is no need for a security guard, we are always in contact with the embassy security officer
• Local Israel before the team goes to the tournament.


• Sunday, April 13 th – Arrival and visit to the city
• Monday, April 14 – Games in the group stage
• Tuesday, 15/4/19 – Games in the group stage
• Wednesday, April 16 th – Games in the knockout phase
• Thursday, April 17 th – a free day
• Friday, April 18 th – a trip to a water park and return to Israel

דידי חממי
מורה לחינוך גופני
מאמן כושר
עודד ברנע
בר כהן
מ.כ נווה יוסף
מאמן אישי
צחי כץ
מנהל מקצועי הפועל ת"א צפון
המנהל המקצועי של המחנה
שי מימון
אחראי שנתון 2004
שחר פוני
מאמן מ.כ נווה יוסף
אחראי שנתון 2005
אסף גרנשטיין
מנהל חטיבה צעירה הפועל ת"א
אחראי שנתון 2006
יורם בסר
מנהל מקצועי מכבי חיפה
אחראי שנתון 2007
רונן חרזי
חלוץ נבחרת ישראל לשעבר
מאמן חלוצים
עמרי שחם
מאמן קישור
משה שושן
מאמן במ.כ נווה יוסף
מאמן הגנה
אור אהרון
מאמן שוערים
יניב לוגשי
מנהל המחנה